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Nominate your gene for enrollment in the NIH KOMP2 project at UC Davis

  • The KOMP2 project is producing knockout mice and phenotyping data for 3000 genes (
  • KOMP2 is part of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (
  • We are particularly interested in genes with undescribed yet potentially important functional roles in health and disease
  • Use the form below to make your nomination
  • We will use the information to
    • determine whether your gene meets our selection criteria
    • if accepted, we will prioritize your gene for production and phenotyping
    • if not accepted, the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program can make and phenotype the mouse for you
  • Your information will be kept strictly confidential
  • If you need assistance, contact us at

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Sample justifications
Implicated by genetic studies for a role in a disease
Known function in a physiology/cellular function/disease process
Target for drug discovery
Mutant would be important model for studying a process or disease

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